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Do you remember these words?
- This exercise is about to find out if you remember the words bellow.
- Click on "I REMEMBER", if you do, and on "I´VE FORTOTTEN", if you don´t.
- To see the solution, just click on "SEE".
- If you´ve forgotten 5 words, you will lose the game.
Vocabulary to go over:

the bombing : el bombardeo
the armistice : el armisticio
the attack : el ataque
the flamethrower : el lanzallamas
the defences : las defensas
the bunker : el búnker
the strategy : la estrategia
the legion : la legión
the squadron : el escuadrón
the submachine gun : la metralleta
the mass destruction weapons : arma de destrucción masiva
the biological weapon : el arma biológica
the nuclear bomb : la bomba atómica
the gas mask : la máscara de gas
the nuclear war : la guerra nuclear