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Do you remember these words?
- This exercise is about to find out if you remember the words bellow.
- Click on "I REMEMBER", if you do, and on "I´VE FORTOTTEN", if you don´t.
- To see the solution, just click on "SEE".
- If you´ve forgotten 0 words, you will lose the game.
Vocabulary to go over:

the pier : el embarcadero
the fishing season : la temporada de pesca
the bad weather : el mal tiempo
the shore : la orilla
the fishing license : la licencia de pesca
the fishing line : el hilo de pescar
the cork : el corcho
the bucket : el cubo
the net : la red
the ship : el barco
the boat : la barca
the fishing rod : la caña de pescar
the hook : el anzuelo
the bait : el cebo
the fish : el pez